Components of Rima safety shoes

Different parts are used to produce each shoe. In this article, we describe the components and parts used in Rima safety shoes:
Piece 1 is Rima`s safety shoe upper made of cow leather with a thickness of 2 mm. The thickness and quality of this piece is very important in safety shoes, because the work shoes are used in the work environment and there is a possibility of equipment falling at any moment. If the thickness and quality of this piece is small, the sole of the safety shoe will be lost in the shortest time.
Piece 2 is the heel of the shoe as the side pillars. Thickness is also very important in this part.

Piece 3, the back of the shoe, the main role of this part is to keep the appearance of the back of the shoe. With the help of piece 10, it holds the back of the shoe firmly and prevents the shoe from deforming when wearing and taking off the shoe.
Piece 4 is woven shoes that are fastened and tied (piece 19) in this part is mounted and assembled.
Piece 5 is a shoe rack, which is assembled on the top of the back and should be soft, and under it, piece 6, called the compressed cloud, is assembled and keeps the leg comfortable.
Piece 7, shoe lining, which is inside the shoe and absorbs foot perspiration. The denser the texture of this piece, the higher the quality of the product.
Piece 8, lining of Nir shoes, has the role of shoe lining. At the same time softness should be thick and dense. The reason for the perforation of the socks is that the surface lining is not soft, which causes the socks to wear.
Piece 9, Piece 11 and Piece 13 are the shoe tab parts.
Piece 12 is glued under the surface to secure the surface.

Pieces number 14 are designed for beautiful and sturdy heel work.
Piece 15, the rubber, is a claw that is installed to prevent the foot from biting.
Piece 16, steel claw, is a safety shoe.
Piece 17 is a 2 mm strobe insole, which is sewn onto the sole of the shoe after sewing.
Piece 18 is the name of the manufacturer, the date of production and the license number of the shoe.

Piece 20 is the medical insole of the safety shoe.
Piece 21 is the sole of the shoe.
And finally, pieces 22 are shoelaces.