Signing cooperation agreement between Ark Safety Industry and Sahand University of Technology of Tabriz

With the increasing development of industry and the increasing need for science to advance technology, the relationship between industry and academia has become an irreplaceable thing in the world. The first issue in academic innovation is its commercialization with the help of industrial units. In addition, there are always problems in production and industrial complexes that can be prevented from harming with the help of the university and can even become a valuable opportunity for the development of production units.

Ark Safety Industries Company, considering the potentials and interest of the managers and specialists of this group in product development and technology promotion, has considered the relationship between industry and university as an opportunity and has always been a priority. Fortunately, the proximity of this industrial unit to Sahand University of Technology of Tabriz, which is one of the proudest scientific-research complexes in the country and is considered as a scientific hub in the field of chemical and polymer engineering at the national level. It was decided to sign an agreement of cooperation between Sahand University of Technology and Ark Safety Industries in order to expand consensus and joint scientific-research and educational cooperation and to upgrade capabilities as well as strengthen and establish a systematic relationship.

The purpose of preparing and implementing this agreement is to expand cooperation between the university and the company in scientific-research and educational fields and development projects, especially in the field of production of industrial, safety, military shoes and completing the value chain, taking into account all facilities and authorities. The parties, including technical, production, human and information, experience and expertise are in accordance with the following areas of cooperation:

1- Forming joint specialized committees between university and company experts to exchange views, review and initial evaluation of problems in production, research and development, quality control and technical and engineering units of the company and the participation of Sahand University of Technology as the company`s research arm.
2- Reflecting the research priorities and technological needs of the parties to each other
3- Carrying out research and technology studies in the field of developing technical knowledge and transferring the technologies required by the company
4- Cooperating in order to hold joint meetings or relevant specialized conferences and workshops
5- Participating in company development projects
6- Holding short-term training courses in order to enhance the scientific ability of the company`s experts and researchers, as well as university professors and students.
7- Benefiting the parties from each other`s facilities such as intellectual, experimental, research, laboratory, workshop and library capabilities.
8- Providing the possibility of visiting laboratories and scientific-research units to create areas of joint cooperation
9- Cooperation and support in holding conferences with the permission and agreement of the parties

Signing cooperation agreement between Ark Safety Industry and the Health Faculty of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Today, industry and academia are two key institutions for any society. The cooperation of the industry and academia has become a precondition for the development of societies. The existence of specialized scientific staff, research, and laboratory capabilities are considered a basic precondition for the development of industries in different countries. Fortunately, today, universities, as centers for the training of specialized personnel, have a very suitable platform for scientific, research, and laboratory activities. On the other hand, the industry is known as the main centers of work and activity, as practical laboratories and a place to turn knowledge into action. Therefore, it can be said that industry and university are complementary to each other, and every society needs these two categories and their effective relationship to achieve their development goals. Today, universities can cooperate with industry in various fields, including research-educational cooperation, technology transfer, and so on.
Unfortunately, in recent years, in our country, contrary to the macro policies of communication, the relationship between academia and industry has become a major challenge for both parties and many problems in this regard have been faced by business partners and academics. Ark Safety Industry, as one of the leading industries in the production of personal protective equipment to advance development goals and protect the workforce in the country`s industries, needs to use the existing potentials in prestigious universities in line with the explained goals. In this regard, it has signed an agreement with the Health Faculty of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences to establish and expand educational and research cooperation, especially in the field of HSE in the following areas:
1- Consulting and implementation of research-applied projects required by the company, especially in health promotion, the establishment of management systems related to HSE based on existing criteria
2- Holding seminars, workshops, webinars, and short-term training courses to upgrade the scientific and technical level of the company`s experts and researchers and other stakeholders of the company and issuing relevant certificates
3- Judging and supervising the company`s research projects as needed
4- Reciprocal use of available information resources and equipment such as libraries, laboratories, measuring devices, etc. in compliance with administrative and financial rules and regulations
5- Conducting mutual scientific visits and accepting interns by the company
6- Providing advice on areas related to the cooperation agreement by the Health Faculty staff
7- Advice on designing different scenarios for the production of clips, animations, and educational contents
8- Supervision of the Health Faculty on HSE-related educational contents prepared by the company`s experts
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Tabriz Live Shoe Museum

Shoe sewing was performed live at the Tabriz Shoe Museum with the art of the veterans of the Tabriz shoe industry.
Tabriz shoe industry has a long history and world fame and to introduce the value and importance of Tabriz shoes with the help of Tabriz Shoemakers Union from Tabriz Live Shoe Museum held in Tabriz Municipality building located in Saat Square in March 20th, 2018. Master Mr. Eghbali sewed shoes for Nowruz travelers to introduce the production process of Tabriz leather shoes. This museum has been set up with the help of Mr. Manafi, a veteran of the Tabriz shoe industry. The mayor of Tabriz also visited this exhibition.
In this museum, in addition to live performances of the shoe production process, old tools of the shoe industry were also exhibited.
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