Iranian shoe production ranks 12th in the world

Iran is the 12th largest shoe producer in the world, producing 177 million pairs of shoes annually. "This country has a 0.8% share in global footwear production," said the head of the Iranian Association of Managers and Specialists in the Shoe Industry.
Ali Lashgari, who spoke at the ninth meeting of the Industry and Mining Commission of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, noted: China is the largest shoe producer in the world with an annual production of 13.52 billion pairs and 57% global share. China accounts for 34.9% of global footwear exports.
He also added: The consumption of shoes in Iran is estimated at 227 million pairs per year, of which Iran`s share of world consumption is 1.1 percent and the share of imports from consumption is 22.4 percent. Simply put, the shoe consumption rate in Europe and the United States was 7 pairs per year; But this coefficient is 2 in Iran. This means that if people consume three pairs instead of two pairs of shoes, the country`s shoe industry will prosper.
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