Making shoe molds in China

Today, the exchange of information and technologies is one of the important pillars of economic activities. The use of modern technologies in the world will reduce costs, increase product quality, and ultimately customer satisfaction. Tabriz is one of the powerful shoe production centers in Iran. But with the advent of Chinese shoes, rising production costs, and the problems of the paint industry, the production of safety shoes in this city has declined. Iran has a young population who care about their appearance and according to Islamic values are very careful about their cleanliness and virtue, while Iranian shoe manufacturers do not have the power to produce a lot of shoe varieties.
To solve these problems and produce flexible shoes, modern machines should be used to minimize production time and increase variety. Due to the high speed of mold making in China, we are now turning to mold making in this country to resume Iranian production and at least prevent the import of foreign shoes to Iran. In the meantime, we have cooperated with Chinese craftsmen to launch a diverse product line of shoes, and we are ready to cooperate and provide solutions to domestic manufacturers and improve the production of the Iranian shoe industry. Ark Safety Industry is the official representative of China Molding in Iran.

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