In what places should we use hearing protectors

Noise is one of the factors that affect the hearing system. Hearing protectors should be used to guard ears against this physical factor. Safety earphones should be used when exposed to noises of 85 decibels or more for 8 hours, annoying noises, or sounds such as short bursts.

Types of hearing protectors

Earmuffs, which are placed on the eardrum and protect the ear structure without direct contact with it.
Earplugs are those that are placed inside the external ear canal, blocking it and partially blocking the air passage.

Comparison of earmuff and earplug

The earmuff has fewer health problems because it is not connected to the inside of the ear. In contrast, the shared use of earplugs between people increases the possibility of transmitting microbial and fungal infections from one to another, while this is not the case with earmuffs. The earplug increases the possibility of transmitting environmental contaminants into the user`s ear and generally causes itching. The earplug is lighter and, more importantly, cheaper than the earmuff. In general, according to the mentioned points, the use of earmuff is more recommended in terms of its many positive features.
There is also a type of phone that is made of silicon and is made for each person separately, which covers the inside of the ear. This type of protector is called a stereo phone. If the volume is more than 111 dB, you should use both earmuff and earplug.
It is recommended that people exposed to noise use hearing protectors that absorb noise at frequencies between 511 and 4111 Hz. For other frequencies, they shouldn`t block the voice so that workers can easily hear the conversations of their colleagues and officials, while there is a significant reduction in noise pollution of loud noises.
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