Types of electrical insulation safety shoes

Safety accessories and clothing, especially safety shoes are among the most important parameters that must be considered. Today, the importance of safety shoes has grown to the point that all managers are obliged to use safety shoes for their workers in jobs where there are various accidents and risks and minimize the potential risk and danger at work.
Depending on the type of job, space, work environment and potential hazards at work, various types of safety shoes have been produced, all of which are produced according to specified standards. Undoubtedly, if a shoe is supposed to help workers in the role of safety shoes, it must be created with special technologies to show extraordinary resistance against all possible dangers and accidents, and to reduce irreparable accidents to occur to a minimum.

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Among the hazards in the workplace that require safety shoes are the following:
Throwing or falling dangerous or heavy objects or objects to the foot from any side
Dealing with liquids or hot or molten particles and the possibility of spilling it on the feet
Working with electricity and the possibility of electric shock or electric shock
Work in flammable or explosive environments
Work in very cold, hot or underwater environments
Forest or rock work environments, rough surfaces and so on
By knowing the exact shoes that have the appropriate standards for your job and work, you can choose and buy the best shoes.
To choose the right shoes for your job, read the article Safety shoes suitable for different jobs and work environments.
In this article, we will discuss the features and standards of safety shoes suitable for jobs related to electricity.

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Classification of electrical insulation safety shoes

There are three general categories of electrical insulating safety shoes, all of which have very different purposes.

Non-conductive safety shoes

In the category of informal shoes and often classified with the rating "EH". This safety standard is designed to provide a secondary source of protection in the event of exposure to live electrical circuits to reduce the potential for electric shock. EH standard safety shoes can use steel or composite armor. The common misconception is that the metal in a safety shoe is unsuitable for electrical environments, the fact is that the metal is conducted when in contact with another metal. Due to the presence of non-conductive materials (mostly leather, rubber, insulation, etc.), the metal in these shoes is covered and therefore can be worn in environments where there are live circuits. It is also important to choose a safety shoe with a rubber sole that prevents the circuit from completing during an accident. Rubber blinds also have a slip, water and abrasion resistant cover to protect the worker from falling objects. Helps at work.

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Anti-static safety shoes

Safety shoes with this classification are designed for workers in electrically sensitive environments. Anti-static shoes help to eliminate the accumulation of static electricity from the body and at the same time provide a reasonable level of resistance to electrical hazards from living circuits. These boots or shoes are usually labeled ESD or SD.

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Conductive safety shoes

Helps protect the cover in an environment where the accumulation of static electricity in the body can be dangerous. These workers often handle explosives or escape.
Guided safety shoes are made of materials and cement that have no electrical resistance. You may come across the term "static-false" when you buy safety shoes. False static only does this by reducing the amount of static electricity accumulated by walking, moving, and so on. Static electric boots separate the formation of the current circuit from the body to the ground and are used to reduce the possibility of ignition caused by static electric sparks. Remember that these boots do not provide any protection against electrical equipment.

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Abbreviations in safety shoes:

1- In the construction of under shoes, a polymer called polyurethane is used, which is called RU for short.
2- The abbreviation RR indicates the resistance of safety shoes against piercing
3- Safety shoes that are resistant to electric current are called CP for short.
4- Safety shoes that are conductive against electric current are called ED for short.
For complete information on acronyms in safety shoes, read the article Special Signs of Safety shoes .

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The last word

Help your workers and increase the security of your work environment by buying electrical insulation safety shoes. A good electrical insulation safety shoe can guarantee the health and safety of people working in electricity-related environments.
Among the products of Ark Safety Industries in relation to electrical insulation shoes, we can mention Rino, Rima, Nova and Composite safety shoes.

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