Types of shoe soles and their characteristics

No shoe is complete without a sole. The sole of the shoe is the base and the main pillar of the shoe. There are different types of soles, the most common outsole in Iran is PU shoe sole, which stands for polyurethane. These materials are in the form of liquid and two components called polyol and isocyanate, which react with each other when combined and produce PU outsole.
Specifications of PU outsole: It has a low density that makes the shoe light. It has moderate abrasion and will not break at all if the polyol and isocyanate materials are combined properly. It has low friction strength and can be both soft and hard. PU can have two colors in different densities and is mostly used in men`s shoes.
Specifications of TPU: TPU is an elastomeric thermoplastic based on polyurethane, TPU is completely transparent and one of the important properties of TPU is its excellent elasticity. It has very little wear. It does not break at all and has high friction strength. Due to its weight, the lower part of the outsole is usually made of TPU and the upper part is made of PU so that it is both soft and has high friction properties and is light at the same time. Usually used in specialized safety shoes.
Rubber outsole specifications: Shoes with rubber outsoles are usually heavy but of good quality. These outsoles are usually used in military and mountaineering shoes. These outsoles are also used in safety shoes. It has high frictional strength and the abrasion resistance is high.
Specifications of PVC outsole: It is the cheapest and lightest sole of PVC shoes and is made in the form of granules. It has low friction and is produced in different grades of soft and hard. It is brittle in low temperatures and winter conditions. It is light, usually used in making slippers, cheap sandals, and shoes.
EVA outsole specifications: These outsoles are very light. They are in the form of granules and used more in casual shoes. Because they deform at different temperatures, they are usually combined with rubber and TPU to prevent deformation. They slip in aqueous mediums, which is why the bottom of the outsole is combined with rubber and the top with EVA. It stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, which is an elastic material.
Leather soles: The oldest and most original shoe soles are leather soles, which are now part of the handicrafts. These outsoles are very high quality and hard because they are completely natural and handmade. These soles are usually used in handmade shoes. This cumin is very strong in absorbing foot sweat and keeps the foot cool in summer. But in winter, this shoe can not be used, because it absorbs all the water from the surface.
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